Tips on Frugal Shopping
September 10, 2019

Do you manage to stretch your monthly shopping over a full month or do you have the “all done in 3 days” syndrome? You can stretch your groceries by doing these basics:

  • Creating a Shopping list on the Frugal Shoppa app is Key. Share it with your loved one on what’s app if you have to. But be sure to create a list. This can prevent you from over spending on things your tummy wants instead of what your bank account wants.
  • Budget for the entire month and buy bulk and pre-pack it yourself. E.g Meat packs. Side note: remember not to freeze in bigger portions than you plan on eating. This helps with portion control as well, which will save you that extra buck that you spend on wasted food.
  • Cook recipes in bulk like soup and stews and freeze meal size portions. This is not only Frugal, but convenient for those nights you don’t feel like cooking and take away’s call your name in ways only your lover would.
  • Buy fruit and vegetables in bulk. Yes they nail people that buy small portions. Oh flip you probably thinking. What a catch 22. You buy in bulk it goes off before you can finish it. You buy in smaller portions you get ripped off. What to do? Make sure to buy your Fruit and Veg every second week. Buy in bigger portions but be sure you know it won’t go to waste. It is important to know your consumption vs your spending habits.
  • Always compare prices at different stores before you go shopping. Now with Frugal Shoppa you can Compare Woolworths, Pick & Pay and Makro. Soon we will have more stores for you to compare.
  • Compare prices in stores before adding it to your basket. See what is on special in store and go for the cheapest option. Yes your favorite Mayo must go. For the first few times, it’s a mental challenge to change your habits, but give that cheaper option a try. You never know it might become your new “fav” and save you R5.
  • View Specials on the Frugal Shoppa App. See what specials are on and make a conscious decision to only buy items when it is on special.
  • Budget, Budget, Budget! Before heading to the store, decide what you want to spend on your groceries for the month. Log it on the Frugal Shoppa App, and make sure you stick to the budget you set out for the shopping trip. Frugal Shoppa has made this as easy as 1, 2, 3. Scan the price tag items to calculate your basket amount. No, not the bar code, the price tag on the shelve, and your very own personal shopping assistant will total the price of your basket, and warn you when you heading to over spend.

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