Making the Best of Pay Day Shopping
September 20, 2019

As food costs continue to rise, it’s a good time to revisit the basics of frugal food shopping.

  • Go with cash only –  draw cash and spend only that and not a cent more
  • Plan it out (with Frugal Shopper 😊) –  pre-plan your budget, find recipes that fit your  budget and always price compare.
  • Skip packaged items – You pay allot for the packaging of an item. Prepacked items are way more than a loose counterpart.
  • Grind Your Own Coffee – make it a fun way to get real ground coffee for far less than you expect. Invest in a good blade grinder and Voila!
  • Loose the Meat – Eat at least 3 non meat meals a week and reduce your monthly meat money.
  • Eat Fruits and veg that’s in season. – It will work out far better priced
  • Don’t Shop on an empty stomach – Eat before you shop or you will shop to eat.
  • Shop and compare at sales and specials – Frugal shopper app can help with that.

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